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DCA Market Intelligence is the ultimate dairy tool for all professionals in the dairy business, like brokers, traders, buyers, sellers, processors and companies. Benefit from DCA Market Intelligence' 15 years of experience in creating unique, independent and accurate dairy benchmark prices. Customize your personal dashboard to display the price and trade data you need. Utilize tables and charts and use our tools to facilitate informed decisions as a buyer, seller or trader.

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About DCA Market Intelligence

Create your dairy data dashboard

Information is the solution to uncertainty. DCA Market Intelligence grants you access to an extensive database of dairy data, encompassing not only our unique DCA Benchmark Prices (DBP) but also dairy industry prices and trading information in production, import and export. This critical data ensures you and your colleagues remain well-informed about market developments. Automatic data updates will empower you to make optimal decisions in the buying and selling of commodities and products.

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Select data
Select the data
Select the data you desire from our extensive dairy database and place them on one of your personalized dashboard pages
Organize your data
Organize your data
Order tables and graphs according to your preferences across different pages for easy retrieval and usage
Combine and visualize data
Combine and visualize data
Easily combine various datasets for comprehensive market insights
Utilize the data
Use the data
Once your charts and tables are set, leverage your personalized dashboard
Publish or export the data
Publish your data
Export and publish data on your intranet or in presentations, create Excel or PNG files effortlessly
Adjust data
Adjust the data
Customize and adjust data to align with your individual preferences and requirements at any given time
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Valorization Tool

Introducing our Milk Valorization Tool

In the world of dairy trading, having accurate and up-to-date information is crucial. Our Milk Valorization Tool is designed to help you make informed decisions based on weekly dairy benchmark prices.

Don't rely on outdated methods. Elevate your dairy trading with our practical Milk Valorization Tool. Join successful traders and brokers who depend on it to improve their decision-making and profitability!

Key features:

  • Reliable data for precise valuations
  • User-friendly platform for traders and brokers
  • Gain a competitive edge with vital market insights
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DCA Benchmark Prices

Dairy Price Transparency at it's best

As a Price Reporting Agency (PRA), DCA Market Intelligence has provided objective transparency, benchmarking, and pricing of commodities in the agricultural markets since 2009. DCA Benchmark Prices are meticulously crafted based on transaction data from key players, following a fixed protocol aligned with the latest EU regulation.

Clarity on the product, specifications, and the methodology enhances transparency and accountability. This boosts the reliability and significance of our benchmark prices, especially as they are increasingly adopted as reference prices.

DCA Benchmark Prices are:

  • Transparant, independent and checked
  • An excellent basis for benchmarking and mutual offsetting
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Market updates

Weekly Updates for Informed Decision-Making

Experience the weekly dairy market overview report, a comprehensive update detailing the latest DCA Benchmark Prices and market trends across the liquids, solids, and cheese sectors. Stay informed and gain valuable insights into the dynamic developments shaping the dairy market landscape.

Weekly updates delivered to you.

  • Compare changes with the latest (+20) DCA Benchmark Prices
  • Visual Market overview
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Real-Time European Futures Market Rates: Stay Informed with EEX Leipzig

Effortlessly track current future prices on the European futures market EEX in Leipzig. Stay informed about the commodities of butter, skimmed milk powder, and whey powder. For your convenience, we've included additional commodities useful for you, such as crude oil and euro/dollar.

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