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About DCA Market Intelligence

Navigating growth and innovation in agricultural markets

DCA Market Intelligence is a leading independent organization specializing in data and information for agricultural commodity markets, catering to the Dutch and international food & agribusiness sectors. Our primary focus includes grains, potatoes, onions, dairy, livestock, and meat. As a Price Reporting Agency (PRA), we compile more than 75 benchmark prices for producers, traders, brokers, processors, and other stakeholders in areas such as dairy, pigs, potatoes, onions, carrots, and manure every week. Our team of market analysts interprets these developments through clear market analyses, providing a unique proposition for our clients and subscribers.

Through our price data, market information in our extensive database, and market analyses, we aim to enhance market transparency in the food chain. This empowers our clients and subscribers with deeper and broader insights into market trends, enabling them to gain a strategic advantage in volatile and often unclear markets. Consequently, they can make better-informed business decisions regarding buying and selling transactions.

As a team, we present our prices, data, and market information on three platforms: dcamarketintelligence.com, boerenbusiness.nl, and foodbusiness.nl. This target audience approach allows us to tailor data and information to the diverse needs of market participants.

DCA Market Intelligence, formerly known as DCA-Markets, is part of the DCA Groep, a privately-owned company, and brings over 20 years of experience in translating developments in agricultural commodity markets into unique market data and market information.

Edwin Burgers en Kees Maas
Edwin Burgers & Kees Maas Founder / owner DCA GROEP and DCA Market Intelligence
Edwin Burgers en Kees Maas
Tim Vrolijk & Eric de Lijster Managing director DCA Market Intelligence Director Market Research & PRA

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide market transparency in the agricultural sector, empowering entrepreneurs, traders, and managers with informed insights and inspiration through a better understanding of market dynamics. At DCA Market Intelligence, we endeavor to offer informative and inspiring resources, enabling them to manage their businesses in the agricultural sector more effectively and contribute to a sustainable future.
In our visionary world, the heartbeat is (big) data, where we honor and safeguard our sources, and illuminate the path to market transparency. We aspire to lead the dance in the arenas of the food sector, the agricultural sector, and the market data evolution. We believe that our pursuit of market transparency is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to have a positive impact on the world around us. These declarations echo the organization’s goals, values, and aspirations, steering us toward a future that is not only informative but also inspirational, with a steadfast focus on market transparency.
InnovativeAnticipating the future
Data-drivenEnhancing performance continually
Relationship focusedCustomer-centric

These statements reflect the goals, values, and aspirations of the organization
towards an informative and inspiring future focused on market transparency.

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Boerenbusiness.nl is a leading platform for agricultural entrepreneurs and the agribusiness sector (including breeders, suppliers, and processors) in the Netherlands and Flanders. Boerenbusiness provides market analyses, background information, and interviews (video, podcast) covering developments in agricultural markets, financial and economic markets, and politics. The platform attracts over 1 million views monthly and is a prominent source of market information, particularly in the arable farming markets (potatoes, onions, grains, carrots), the dairy sector (dairy and feed), and the pig sector (pigs, piglets, and feed).


Foodbusiness.nl is a scale-up platform and a spinoff of Boerenbusiness.nl. It is a platform specifically designed for entrepreneurs and traders in the food sector in the Netherlands and Flanders. Foodbusiness.nl conducts market analyses, provides background information, and features interviews focusing on agricultural commodities markets, meat (chicken, beef, pork), and plant-based proteins (such as meat substitutes).


DCA Market Intelligence is the new ultimate tool for professionals in food and agribusiness, like brokers, traders, buyers, sellers, processors, and companies. Benefit from DCA's 15 years of experience in creating unique and independent benchmark prices for accurate price benchmarks. Customize your dashboard to display the price and trade data you need. Utilize tables and charts and use our tools to facilitate informed decisions as a buyer, seller, or trader.

DCA Market Intelligence

DCA Market Intelligence is
solution-minded and agile in response

We have been closely working with DCA Market Intelligence since 2015. As a knowledge-intensive company, we have a wealth of information and advice to share, aiming to help agricultural entrepreneurs maximize returns from their crops. Boerenbusiness has developed into a strong platform, allowing us to connect with a wide audience of entrepreneurs. Moreover, the collaboration has been highly positive.

René de Munnik
Senior Communications Manager
Limagrain Nederland

Meet the team

Vincent van den Broek Accountmanager
Pauline van Leeuwen Sales Consultant
Lisa van Rhijn - Burgers Sales & Marketing Representative
Daniëlle Ballast Online Marketeer
Caroline Dekker Customer Support Representative
Samantha van Komen Customer Support Representative
Wouter Baan Editor in Chief
Linda van Eekeres Copy Editor / Market Reporter
Food & Packaging
Klaas van der Horst Market Reporter
Jurphaas Lugtenburg Market Reporter
Grain, Onions & Carrots
Matthijs Bremer Market Reporter
Meat & Protein Transition
Alex Jurvillier Market Reporter
Agricultural Commodities
Niels van der Boom Market Reporter
Jesse Torringa Market Reporter
Organic & Manure
Barbara Smit Multimedia Professional
Boudewijn van Soest Multimedia Professional
Coenraad van Meekeren Developer
Rick Huijzer Developer
Sjaak van Lenten Developer
Tim Vrolijk Managing Director
Eric de Lijster Director Market
Research & PRA


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