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As a Price Reporting Agency (PRA), DCA Market Intelligence provides a range of benchmark prices and market insights for specific agricultural markets. In doing so, we support traders, brokers, buyers, sellers, and other professionals in making informed buying and selling decisions. Do not overlook this crucial input for your market positioning. DCA Market Intelligence aims to enhance market transparency for you.

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In the agricultural commodities markets, constant risks and influences such as weather, demand and supply imbalances, geopolitical tensions, logistical challenges, and shifting trade flows are prevalent. Amid these dynamic conditions with fluctuating prices, having access to carefully curated price data and precise market insights is invaluable. DCA Market Intelligence provides market transparency for buyers and sellers through our benchmark prices and market analyses.

Since our establishment in 2005, we have successfully managed a diverse portfolio of benchmark prices, including:
  • DCA Pigs and Piglets
  • DCA Manure (e.g., beef, pig, chicken)
  • DCA Phosphate Rights
  • DCA Dairy (e.g., milk, cheese, butter, powders, cream)
  • PAT-Index French fries suitable potatoes
  • DCA Potato spot and forward
  • DCA Onions spot and forward

The standout qualities of DCA Benchmark Prices are their transparency, independence, thorough validation, and precise representation of market dynamics. They provide a solid foundation for benchmarking and mutual balancing within the industry.

Looking ahead, our ambition is to introduce new benchmark prices collaboratively with the sector in the short term. By continually expanding our benchmarks, we aim to further contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural commodity markets.

Eric de Lijster
Eric de Lijster Director Market Research & PRA
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DCA Benchmark Prices

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As a Price Reporting Agency (PRA), DCA Market Intelligence has provided objective transparency, benchmarking, and pricing of commodities in the agricultural markets since 2009. DCA Benchmark Prices are meticulously crafted based on transaction data from key players, following a fixed protocol aligned with the latest EU regulation.

Clarity on the product, specifications, and the methodology enhances transparency and accountability. This boosts the reliability and significance of our benchmark prices, especially as they are increasingly adopted as reference prices.

DCA Benchmark Prices are:

  • Transparant, independent and checked
  • An excellent basis for benchmarking and mutual offsetting
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Principles management of
DCA Benchmark Prices

In the methodology we describe the procedures and methods that DCA Market Intelligence applies for its benchmark prices.

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Update of March 27, 2024

EU-Chile Free Trade Agreement: Unlocking Opportunities in the Dairy Sector

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