Specifications DCA Benchmark Price - Spot Raw Milk South Germany

DCA Market Intelligence publishes a weekly benchmark price for Spot Raw Milk in South Germany. The specifications of this benchmark price are described below.

Product description


Raw unprocessed non-GMO cow’s milk of good standard merchantable quality standardized to a fat percentage of 4,0%, delivered.


At least 100 kilograms of cow’s milk


The ex-VAT price refers to the amount a buyer has paid for cow’s milk or the price received by a seller between Thursday 15:00 in the previous week and Thursday 15:00 in the current week.


Delivery within a week


Free delivery factory Baden Wurttemberg or Bavaria


Price in euro per 100 kilograms

How price input is collected

Price input is collected until 15:00 CET on Thursday. The price reporters of DCA Market Intelligence approach contributors who are active in the market, as specified in this document. Price and possible contributor comments are entered into the Price Reporting System of DCA Market Intelligence.

Input analysis, processing, and publication

The Price Reporting System calculates the average price of all contributors based on their price input. This is calculated using the following method:

For each contributor, an average price is computed based on their low and high prices-input. These average prices per contributor are then averaged to determine the overall average price of the panel. Prices from individual contributors that deviate more than 5% from the average price are excluded, and a new average price is then calculated, which becomes the benchmark price for that week. Volume is not weighted, and contributors do not provide volume information.

The benchmark price is rounded to the nearest 5 euros and published on Thursday at 15:30 CET. It is accompanied by a brief explanation, the range of the benchmark price for that week, and the number of observations used in its calculation.

If this procedure cannot be followed for any reason, DCA Market Intelligence management determines how the final benchmark price for the week should be established or may decide not to calculate a benchmark price at all, providing an explanation for the decision.

Version: February 2024