Specifications DCA Benchmark Prices - Spot and forward prices Yellow Onions

DCA Market Intelligence publishes every week the benchmark spot prices (DCA-SU) and forward prices for Yellow Onions (DCA-SUF) in The Netherlands.

Product description


The DCA-SU Benchmark Price is a composite index. The specifications of the individual prices of yellow onions included in the calculations apply.


The DCA-SU Benchmark Price is a range-based spot price for yellow onions, calculated based on prices from the regional agricultural exchanges in Goes, Middenmeer, and Emmeloord. This calculation involves weighting by size and acreage. The DCA-SUF represents calculated forward prices based on the DCA-SU spot price and a storage fee per week until the last Thursday of the respective forward month.


For the calculation of DCA-SU, delivery is assumed to be within three weeks, commencing in the current week in accordance with the specifications of the respective regional exchanges.

For DCA-SUF prices, delivery is calculated to occur on the last Thursday of the corresponding forward month.


Dry from stock in the Netherlands


Euro per hundred kilograms rounded to 0.25 Euro (twenty-five cents)

How price input is collected

For the DCA Spot Benchmark Price Yellow Onions (DCA-SU), the range-based prices for the current week are collected every Thursday afternoon. The DCA-SU Benchmark Price for the current week is calculated based on the prices collected during that week. If there are no regional exchange (partial) prices available during the week, the previous (partial) price is used, up to a maximum of three weeks back. If the price is still unavailable, the calculations are performed without that (partial) price.

If there are no prices available for two or more benchmarks, the calculation of DCA-SU for that week is suspended until prices become available again. The DCA-SU Benchmark Price for a season commences as soon as a price can be determined for two of the three benchmarks (Goes, Middenmeer, Emmeloord). The conclusion of a season is determined around mid-June, after which no further DCA-SU is quoted for that harvest year.

The DCA-SUF prices are calculated range-based prices with DCA-SU as the basis and a fixed storage fee for the remaining weeks until the end of the forward contract. The storage fee is set at €0.18 per week and is reassessed for each subsequent season.

Input analysis, processing, and publication

The DCA Spot Benchmark Price Yellow Onions (DCA-SU) is calculated based on the key high-low range prices in the Netherlands:

  • Goes (standard on Monday)
  • Middenmeer (standard on Wednesday)
  • Emmeloord (standard on Thursday)

The weighting in the price calculation for different sizes (30-60% and >60%) for the 2023/2024 season is set at 40% fine and 60% coarse. Furthermore, the contribution per regional exchange is weighted based on the size of the onion acreage for the current harvest year obtained from national statistical agencies.

For the 2023/2024 season, the following acreage figures are used:

Onion prices regional Dutch exchangesAcreage onions regionha%

Friesland 1.381









For each new season, the parameters in this document are redefined by DCA Market Intelligence. The final benchmark price is determined on Thursday at 14:30 CET, after which the DCA-SU Benchmark Price for that week is established and published through channels including Boerenbusiness.nl.

This online platform is part of the DCA Market Intelligence organisation. The DCA forward Benchmark Price Onions (DCA-SUF) are determined every Thursday at 14.30 CET, shortly after the publication of the DCA-SU. A storage fee of €0.175 per week is charged until the end of the season for holding the specified onions in stock. The storage fee commences three weeks after the determination of the spot price DCA-SU. This is because the regional exchanges in Goes, Middenmeer, and Emmeloord have a standard delivery term of up to three weeks.

Forward prices are calculated for all remaining months of the season, with 'delivery' assumed to occur on the last Thursday of each month. If the above procedure cannot be applied for any reason, the management of DCA Market Intelligence decides how the final benchmark price for that week is determined, or decides not to establish a benchmark price for that week, providing justification for the decision.

Version: March 2024