DCA Benchmark Price - Liquid pig manure

DCA Market Intelligence publishes a weekly benchmark price for liquid pig manure per region in The Netherlands. These regions include Deurne, Tilburg, Uden, Barneveld, Lichtenvoorde, and Markelo. The specifications of this benchmark price are described below.

Product description


Liquid pig manure, fertilizer code 50 (NL), containing 4 kilograms of phosphate (P) and 7 kilograms of nitrogen (N), including sampling, weighing, and analysis, originating from the relevant area and distributed over long distances, and sold outside the relevant area.


At least 1 metric ton (1.000 kilogram) of liquid pig manure.


The price agreed upon by a buyer and/or seller in the respective area for liquid pig manure in the period from Thursday 08:00 CET of the previous week to Thursday 08:00 CET of the current week. Prices are exclusive of VAT.


Delivery in the period from Thursday 08:00 CET of the previous week to Thursday 08:00 CET of the current week.


Ex.farm in the respective area under normal conditions.


Price in euros per 1.000 kilogram (metric ton)

How price input is collected

Price input is collected over a week until Thursday 11:30 CET. DCA Market Intelligence approaches contributors who are active in the market and in the area as specified in this document. The price reporters of DCA Market Intelligence enters their prices into the Price Reporting System with their possible market comments.

Input analysis, processing, and publication

The Price Reporting System calculates an average price per region from the price input of contributors. This is done according to the method outlined below.

After all transactions are entered, an average is calculated per region. Any input that deviates more than 10% from the gross calculated average is excluded and does not contribute to the composition of the quotation for the mentioned type of fertilizer for that week. The input up to 10% deviation from the gross calculated average is averaged again. The resulting amount is the contributor price for that week for the respective region and is rounded to the nearest 50 eurocents. The range of input prices (highest price and lowest price) is determined after the application of this elimination principle.

No volume weighting is applied, and contributors do not provide volumes.

The final benchmark price per region is published on Thursday at 12:00 PM via email and on the website of Boerenbusiness.nl. This online platform is also part of DCA Market Intelligence. This is accompanied by a brief explanation, the range of contributor prices for that week, and the corresponding number of observations included (after the elimination of prices that deviate too much from the average as described above).

If the above procedure cannot be applied for any reason, the management of DCA Market Intelligence decides how the final benchmark price for that week will be determined or decides not to establish a benchmark price for that week and publishes this decision with justification.

Version: February 2024