DCA Benchmark Price - Carrots

DCA Market Intelligence publishes each week a benchmark price for Grade B and Grade C Carrots. The specifications of these benchmarks are described below

Product description


Carrots that meet the requirements and the descriptions in Chapter I – IV of ‘VN/ECEStandard FFV-10, 2017’. This applies to:

First Class Grade B carrot 50 to 250 gram based on a minimum of 600 kilograms out of a box minimum of 600 kilograms out of a box
First Class grade C of lager than 40 millimeter diameter (thickness at the top) based on a minimum of 600 kilograms out of a box


Minimum of 40 tons (40.000 kg)


The bulk (direct loading into a transport vehicle) price that the trader has paid or received during the week from Monday to Friday for carrots as described in this document excluding provision and VAT.


Picked up within three weeks


Ex. works Dutch farm/ Dutch warehouse


Price in euros per 100 kilogram

How price input is collected

Price input is collected on Friday until 11:00 CET. DCA Market Intelligence approaches contributors who are active in the market and in the area as specified in this document. Both a low (from) and a high (to) price are requested. If a contributor only enters one price level, then this is regarded as both the low and high price.

Contributors are typical buyers of Ex works Dutch farm/ Dutch warehouse carrots as specified.

The price reporters of DCA Market Intelligence enters their prices into the Price Reporting System with their possible market comments.

Input analysis, processing, and publication

The Price Reporting System calculates an average price from the price input of the contributors. This is calculated according to the following method:

First, an average price is calculated for all "from prices." If a contributor's "from price" deviates more than 25% from the average "from price," it is excluded from the range. The same procedure applies to the "to prices." The lowest remaining price becomes the "from price" of that week, and the highest price becomes the "to price" of that week. For each size, a "from" and a "to" price are published on Friday around 11:30 CET via SMS and on the website of Boerenbusiness.nl. This online platform is also part of DCA Market Intelligence. This, along with a brief explanation, the range of contributor prices for that week, and the corresponding number of observations, is included.

If the described procedure cannot be applied for any reason, the management of DCAMarkets decides how the final Benchmark of that week should be determined or it decides not to calculate a Benchmark price for that week and publishes this with a substantiation.

Version: February 2024